Futrus; the angel with broken wings

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Futrus had tarried in the task given to him and, therefore, lost his wings and was banished to an island.

For several years he was praying and asking for Allah’s forgiveness.

One day, Futrus saw Jibraeel (A) descending.

Jibraeel was going to congratulate the Prophet on the birth of his grandson Hussain.

Futrus said, “Can you carry me along with you?

Ji­braeel lifted him up and brought him to the Holy Prophet (S) and then stated Futrus’ matter.

The Prophet told Futrus to touch the cradle of the new-born baby, Hussain.

By touching the cradle, he got his wings back and flew away saying: “Who is similar to me? For I am a freed one of Hussain…

In exchange of this favor, whoever visits his grave I will receive him. & whoever offers salutations to him I will carry his message.”

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