The night of fifteenth Sha’ban

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On Friday 15th Sha’ban 255 A.H. at the time of dawn Imam Mahdi (AJF) was born.

Imam Al Baqir (PBUH) has stated the significance of this night as:

“It is the most favorable night after the Qadr Night. At this night, Almighty Allah bestows upon His servants with His favors and grants them His pardon out of His bounty.

Therefore, you should exert all efforts to seek nearness to Him at this night, because He will not to reject any prayer as long as he does not ask for an act of disobedience to Him.

Almighty Allah has chosen this night for us, the Ahlulbayt, just as He has chosen the Qadr Night for our Prophet (PBUH&HH). You should thus pray and thank Him diligently.”

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